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What are Incursions?

EVE Online Incursion Trailer

EVE Online Incursion Trailer

Incursions are mass PVE Content originating from the release of the Incursion Expansion, in January 2011, when Sansha Kuvakei, and the Sansha's Nation, began to invade known space constellations. Daring Capsuleers recieve payment for aiding CONCORD in removing this continual Sansha threat.

Unlike Missions, Incursions are not designed for newer players. The skills required to fly and effectively equip the battleships and logistics used in incursions take a minimum of a few months to train. In the highly competitive incursion environment, every skill is needed to decrease the amount of time required for the fleets to finish the sites. The ISK gain is worth the training time. Once in an incursion fleet, capsuleers can expect to make 100mil+ ISK per hour. 

Sansha's Nation

Sansha's Nation (transparent)

Sansha's Nation is a rogue state that occupies the Stain region. It was founded over a hundred years ago by Sansha Kuvakei, who wished to create a utopian society based around the exploitation of brainwashed slave labor and a small, cybernetically enhanced elite. Nation, as it is called by its citizens, was destroyed by a CONCORD-led coalition of the empires in YC 37, leaving only remnants behind. However, the survivors managed to band together and reemerged in YC105, gradually restoring its power and growing until launching a series of invasions into empire space in YC112.

Incursion Effects


When the Sansha first arrive in a constellation they have full influence over the constellation. As incursion sites are ran this influence will be reduced. When the Influence bar reaches 0% influence (All Blue) the mothership will spawn and the incursion is able to be completed. Most incursion communities, however, allow the mothership to remain in system for several days to maximize ISK earning potential.

The level of Sansha influence has several effects on the constellation:

Icon incursion effect cyno

System-wide cynosural field jammers are in effect

Cynosural field jamming has very little effect in high security space, but can be quite damaging for a nullsec alliance if one of their logistics hubs is locked down. This penalty is absolute and always in effect even at zero influence, but does not stop you from lighting a covert cynosural field.

Icon incursion effect bounties

Financial systems compromised. 50% reduction in CONCORD bounties

The 50% reduction in CONCORD bounties are always in full effect and doesn't scale with the influence.

Icon incursion effect resists

Vessel integrity compromised. Shield and armor resistances reduced.

At full influence, a Vanguard system suffers a 10% penalty to resists. In Assaults the penalty is 25% and in Headquarter systems the penalty is as much as 50% penalty to your resists. Due to the way resists work, it practically means that a ship with resist of 73% drops to 70% in Vanguard, 66% in Assaults and as low as 59% in Headquarter sites.

Icon incursion effect damage

Capsule interference detected. Turret, launcher, drone and smartbomb damage reduced.

At full influence, you do 10% less damage in Vanguards, 25% less damage in Assaults and as much as 50% less damage in Headquarter sites.

In addition to these penalties, the usual belt NPCs are replaced with incursion Sansha ships. These NPCs can be very dangerous if you are unprepared for them. In low and null security spaces, the Sansha NPCs can also be found on the gates.

Finally there will be multiple Incursion site beacons in each system within the affected constellation.

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